We need to invest in our kids. Andrew supports a 6% increase in supplemental state aid for several years, until we get caught up.


Rescind some of the property and income tax cuts, and instead spend that money on allowing every Iowan to go to a two-year community college for free. Stop commercial property tax cuts to big corporations. We need to stop relying so much on sales tax, which is a regressive tax.

Health Care

We need to make sure all Iowans have affordable, accessible health care.

Mental Health Care

Make sure the state legislature funds the bills it passes, as a priority.


We need to clean up Iowa’s waterways. We cannot ask farmers to voluntarily ‘not pollute’. It’s not going to work! We need to have strict standards for our water, air and land. And we need to be very honest about the fact that when we have strict standards, we also have to remember that there are small farmers and family farmers who are going to need support in enacting them. We also need to remember that suburbs and cities contribute to pollution too.


We can work together, solve problems and make life better for our citizens.