Meet Andrew

We must do better for our kids!

Andrew is a father, son, husband, teacher, and a progressive running for Iowa House District 37.

Andrew is a twenty-three year veteran teacher. He has taught Iowa’s kids about American values and ideals; freedom, justice, equality and the common good.

Andrew has a lesson plan ready for Iowa! 

"When elected, I will work tirelessly to turn this state around and bring it back to a place where we are first in the nation in education, a place where every Iowan has an opportunity to grow and thrive with a solid middle class job. 

A place where workers are treated with dignity and have the right to bargain a fair contract with their employer.

A place where we use common sense to balance our budget and take care of the vital services Iowans deserve.

A place where our precious land, air and water are taken care of with strong protections and good land stewardship, and a state where we avoid the toxic extremism driven by outside interests and groups not representing the voice of the majority.

I pledge to return to common sense and moderation in the halls of the capitol. 

I hope I can win your support and vote. I look forward to fighting for a forward looking vision for Iowa.

Thank you for your time and consideration."

- Andrew Rasmussen

Ankeny SummerFest Parade 2018